Sunday, April 7, 2013

Antique shopping in northern Virginia

I had the chance to hang out with two great chickies AND explore the world of antiques at the same time. I'm not typically an antiques buyer because, let's be real, it can be crazy expensive! That doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at all the neat stuff, though!

And the antique shops we visited also had some hand-crafted items along with the antiques they sell.

On a Whim was the first place we stopped. They had some beautiful items. I literally couldn't afford to even look at the price tag for most of it! haha... They did have an awesome pink, polka-dotted silo outside, thought and that was the best part for me! heh

There was also a pink, polka-dotted cow! It was so cute!

The second place we stopped at was Old Lucketts Store. I'm pretty sure a little part of me died and went straight to heaven. This store was amazing and HUGE! This store had a wide variety of antique items, but they also had a huge amount of hand-crafted items. My big buy here was a few boxes of girl scout cookies being sold out on the porch, but hey, I didn't walk away empty handed! haha!

At the Old Luckett Store, they do a design house every month or so and design a house on the property with all sort of great finds. That's where I saw this beauty.

They had a room set up as an old study or something and this amazing cabinet was in it. It was just gorgeous. I have no idea how much it was. I do know that it was huge and beautiful.

Also in the design house, the designer had a bedroom with a sitting area that was probably one of the most beautiful settings I've ever seen. I think it made me want to have her some design my house one day! heh.

And, finally, at Old Lucketts Store, some hand-crafted these beautiful metal hearts. I would love to go back and purchase a few of them to use in a room design. They were so simple, yet absolutely stunning in their simplicity.

If you're in NoVA, and you have the chance to go to either of these store, you should go. Now. Well, unless you're reading this at midnight. =]

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