I'm not sure where to even begin in order to explain me or my blog. If you know me, you know and love (AHEM!) my scatterbrained personality. If it seems like my blog is a little all over the place - that's fair. It is. And so am I. =]

I'm a single woman, entering my middle aged years, who just became the mother of an adult child.

My initial reason for starting the blog was to have a place to call home for my cooking passion. As you'll see going through my older to newer posts - I've changed over the years! I didn't have a problem using canned foods before, whereas now, I avoid them like the plague. I've changed.

I'm not a good photo taker. I don't mean that I'm bad at taking photos, I mean that I'm forgetful when it comes to taking photos. It's a little bit hard to have a great food blog, when there are hardly ever any pictures. I'm learning and trying really hard to be mindful of this issue.

As I've grown with the blog, so has my relationship with Christ. That, at times, is known to take over my blog. I can't just not say some of the things that are in my heart. I have a deep love for people and for Jesus and I'm going to write about it. There's no stopping me.

There are some things I will be very transparent about and share with readers. There are other things that I hold very close to the chest. When it comes to my life, I'm pretty private. But that doesn't mean I won't share things on a personal level. I am a firm believer in relationships and helping one another get through life. If you'd like to talk with me personally, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to talk!

Welp, that's about all I got! Have a great time in my blogosphere!

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